Huis op ‘t Raboes

Huis op ‘t Raboes is a country retreat on the border of the Eem Lake. Its remote location and green setting make it a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, but during the colder season the site can be very exposed. The owners expressed a strong wish to build a home that enables them to let the outdoors in, but also provides solid shelter.

To touch the landscape as little as possible, the house is conceived as a boulder. Upon closer inspection the building is an arrangement of three individual volumes. The spaces between the volumes frame the views to the surroundings, and end on three sides on a veranda. Each volume has a patio or generous rooflight. Square aluminum windows slide completely into the wall. The cast-in-place concrete and narrow material palette give the house a solid monolithic presence.

Location: Eemnes, Netherlands
Type: house
Year: 2017 - 
Status: under construction
Client: Schipper Bosch
Contractor: Karbouw Amersfoort