Kamer 10

Kamer 10 is one of the plots in ‘De Nieuwe Stad’ in Amersfoort. In this area, developed by Schipper Bosch and supervised by ZUS, existing industrial heritage is being re-used and multiple new buildings and functions are added to build a dense, lively and diverse urban area.

The project for Kamer 10 consists of two apartment buildings on top of a plinth with commercial and leisure functions. It relates closely to the adjoining historical ensemble of the ‘Prodent factory’ and builds on its distinct spatial qualities. Step by step the new ensemble builds up to a height of 60 meters. A new perimeter wall, typical for factory domains, connects the site to the old factory.

Between buildings and wall sits an intimate park that adds a new space to be discovered within the diversified public space of ‘De Nieuwe Stad’.

Type: residential,  commercial
Location: Amersfoort, Netherlands
Year: 2017 -
Status: preliminary design
Client: Schipper Bosch