De Kort Van Schaik.

Farewell and New Beginnings: 13 Years of collaboration as De Kort Van Schaik comes to an end.

January 29, 2024

After 13 years of collaboration, we have decided to each go our separate ways: De Kort Van Schaik will cease to exist.

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Column de Architect

December 12, 2023

Robert-Jan wrote a column (in Dutch) for architecture magazine ‘de Architect’ on flexibility in housing. (image: Beton Verlag, Willem Diepraam en Johan van der Keuken)

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Under the Radar on TV

October 28, 2023

Our project for a forest cabin ‘Under the Radar’ was featured in the television documentary ‘Van Bunker naar Buitenhuis’.

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Final projects Studio Typisch Wonen on show

January 14, 2023

The final projects of our students were on show at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design (RAvB).

Design studio at RAvB

September, 2022

We set up a new design studio at the Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design (RAvB) focused on future needs of housing plans and interiors. 

School project in Enschede

February, 2022

We started working on a research by design project focused on the ‘Kottenpark’ High-School in Enschede. Commission by Stichting Mevrouw Meijer.

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Article in Forum

October, 2021

For magazine Forum no. 6 devoted to the architectural element ‘the gallery’ Robert-Jan wrote an article on gallery-houses in the former Dutch  East Indies (now Indonesia). 

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House on the Raboes wins Best Building of the Year ‘21 

September, 2021

House on the Raboes wins 1st prize in the prestigious BNA Best Building of the Year ‘21 awards.

New project in Numansdorp

March, 2021

We started working on the design of a house on an estate in Numansdorp. 

Guest tutor TU Delft

March, 2021

During a new design course led by Aldo Trim (KAAN architecten) Robert-Jan will tutor architecture students in designing an urban housing project.

House on the Raboes in Dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’

October, 2020

Dutch architecture critic Kirsten Hannema wrote an article on House on the Raboes.  She describes the design of the house in the context of ‘the estate of the 21st century’. 

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Jury member ARC20 Young Talent Award

September, 2020

Together with Marieke Kums, Janne van Berlo, Wilma Kempinga and Marieke Giele, Robert-Jan forms the jury of the ARC20 Young Talent Award.

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Selected for Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2021

July, 2020

House on the Raboes is selected to feature in the ‘Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2021’, a printed tear-off calender which shows new work of an artist or architect each day. The calender will be presented and available to buy in October. 

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Article on Vers Beton

June 22, 2020

Website Vers Beton published an article (in Dutch) by Robert-Jan on the project ‘Forum Rotterdam’.

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New project in Berkel-Enschot

May 2020

We started working on the design of a timber house in Berkel-Enschot. 

Moderator EU Mies Award 2019, Leuven

January 23, 2020

At the vernissage of the exposition of the EU Mies Award 2019 in Leuven, Robert-Jan will moderate a conversation about healthcare architecture between Jo Taillieu (architect, Ghent) en Ann Heylighen (professor, KU Leuven).

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Sneak preview event Huis op ‘t Raboes

December 14, 2019

Sneak preview of Huis op ‘t Raboes with our clients, family and friends.

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Publication Architecture in Leuven 2015 / 2019

October 2019

Together with Caroline Voet, Els Vervloesem and Guido Geenen, Robert-Jan edited the publication ‘Hedendaagse Architectuur in Leuven 2015 / 2019, which was presented during the award ceremony of the ‘Architectuurprijs Leuven 2019’.

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New TALKS about architecture lecture series

June 2019

We are happy to announce that TALKS about architecture is back with a  new lecture series, organized together with AIR and Garage Rotterdam. First in line is Mary Duggan (London, UK) on friday June 14th.

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Publication Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands

May 2019

After visiting 40 buildings, writing 21.000 words and selecting the most striking photographs and drawings Robert-Jan, together with Kirsten Hannema, Lara Schrijver and nai010 publishers, presented the new Yearbook Architecture in the Netherlands, subtitled ‘Under Pressure’.

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Committee member Architecture Prize Leuven 2019

March 2019

Robert-Jan reviewed 64 admitted projects as member of the editorial committee of ‘Architectuurprijs Leuven 2019’, a four-yearly prize organised by Stad en Architectuur.

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Designed furniture built

February 2019

The custom built black cabinets for Schipper Bosch are in place, and waiting to be filled.

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Nefkens building ready for reconversion

February 2019

Demolition work for the transformation of the Nefkens building has started. With all the old office fittings gone, the building starts to show its qualities again.

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Construction update Huis op ‘t Raboes

December 2018

Construction of Huis op ‘t Raboes in Eemnes is well under way.

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New project in The Hague

November 2018

We started working on the reconversion of a garage into a short stay apartment in the historical centre of The Hague.

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Construction Huis op ‘t Raboes started

March 2018

Work has started on Huis op ‘t Raboes.

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