Swan Lake Villa District

The southern slopes of a mountain ridge, overlooking Swan Lake and the Yellow River, form the site for a luxury housing development of 100 villas, situated near Yuncheng (Shanxi), central China.

The site contains two typical landscape conditions. There is a hillside landscape on the western end of the site that is steep and forested. The eastern end of the site is a terraced landscape used by local farmers for a variety of crops. The plan aims to maintain the current qualities and differences while transforming the site into a residential area.
Due to the steepness of the hilly terrain, roads follow the topography with hairpin bends winding up the hill to reach the higher plots. The area is covered with plants and trees. Only directly around the villa there is less vegetation. On the terrace side roads cut through the parcelled landscape. Every villa occupies its own terrace. The villas have a formal presence towards the street and feature large gardens.

Two parks, one alongside a natural valley and one between the terraces, add more diversity to the site and connect the lakeside to the mountains.

Location: Yuncheng, Shanxi, China
Type: Masterplan
Year: 2014
Status: preliminary design 
Client: Zhongxing Huanghe White Swan Ecology-Culture Company Ltd.