De Kort Van Schaik.

Het Kleine Huisje

On a former farmhouse domain a grand farm and a little servants house stand side by side. Due to the rareness of such a typological combination both buildings and site are listed monuments. The renovation of the derelict servants house into a contemporary living space therefore needs an approach that sensitively transforms both the internal logic of the little house and the spatial qualities of the listed ensemble.

The servants house is extended by adding a narrow volume to the house. The extension sits on the garden border and adds two distinct spaces to the house. One oriented towards the farmhouse, the other towards the garden in the back.

In order to accommodate a modern household, a number of walls will be removed. By using different flooring materials the original layout of the old servants house can still clearly be perceived.

Location: Raamsdonk, Netherlands
Type: restauration and extension
Year: 2012
Status: definite design
Client: private