De Kort Van Schaik.

Infinity Room CS

'Infinity Room CS’ is a temporary installation for the Rotterdam Architecture Month 2016, located in the hall of Rotterdam Central Station. The installation informs passers-by about the Rotterdam Architecture Month, and offers a surprising spatial experience.

Four white columns and beams together form a simple white cubic structure. Two parallel faces are filled in with walls that have mirrors on both sides. From the outside the mirrors reflect the surrounding hall, making the structure appear completely open. Inside the installation, the opposing mirrors reflect the space into infinity. Passers-by entering the installation suddenly find themselves in a ever-extending colonnade, with the empty granite floor as base. For a brief moment the station hall transforms from a hectic place full of movement in all directions, into a clearly framed space with a clear direction: from train to city and vice-versa.

Location: Rotterdam Central Station
Type: installation
Completion: 2016
Client: Rotterdam Festivals
Photography: Frank Hanswijk