De Kort Van Schaik.

Loft Non Loft

Loft non loft translates a traditional loft apartment into a residence with a larger variety in collective and private spaces, without compromising the intrinsic qualities of the loft typology.

The programme requests a number of functions that are traditionally part of the private areas of the household. In order to acquire an significant amount of loft space, the programme is interpreted by means of components that can, and components that cannot be conceived as a loft space. These collective and private spaces (non loft elements such as bathrooms, stairs, elevators) are loosely but carefully distributed throughout the unit. This results in a plan that consists of one continuous open space with varying spatial qualities. The architectural configuration of the non loft elements creates the necessary privacy and allows other spaces to be wide and open. Between these two extremes there is a variety of multi-interpretable spaces that invites for different ways of use.


Honourable mention

Location: Lima, Peru
Type: apartment buildings
Year: 2009
Status: competition design