Nefkens Park

On the edge of the city center of Amersfoort sits a beautiful 60s office building, named after its first user: car company Nefkens. The building consists of an expressive car showroom on the ground floor and offices behind a neutral ‘grille’ of columns above.

Schipper Bosch, owner of the building for twenty years, commissioned us to design its ambition to transform the office building into an apartment building, without losing its distinct architectural qualities and optimistic sixties flair.

Both wings of the building are extended with a new top floor, creating room for four penthouses and an opportunity to design the ‘crown’ of the building. Clad in anodized aluminum the added floors complement the existing structure and give the building a new elan. Large terraces and balconies oriented towards the sun are added at the back. On ground level, a new passage cuts through the heart of the building, opening up the old showroom and creating a public connection between the plaza at the front and the park in the back.

Location: Amersfoort
Type: Transformation
Year: 2017 - 2020
Status: under construction
Client: Schipper Bosch
Public space: ZUS