De Kort Van Schaik.

TALKS about architecture

TALKS about architecture is a lecture-series that offers a podium to emerging international architects.

TALKS about architecture focuses on architecture as an artistic discipline which derives its social relevance from its poetical and spatial qualities. We think this is important in times where talking about architecture is often being confused with talking about the proces towards building. And in times where the cultural domain of architecture is dissolving within the domain of the creative industries. We want to show inspiring practices, with a distinct architectural production, and practices that seek, and even go beyond, the boundary between architecture and art. By doing so this podium forms a starting point in an exploration of the value and position of architecture in these challenging times.

Location: Garage Rotterdam
Type: Lecture series
Status: Ongoing
Team: with AIR (Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam) and Archined
Photography: Jon van Schaik / Robert Tjalondo