Cardiology Research Centre

Seven adjacent plots of derelict row houses form the site for a new medical research facility. Together, the plots form a corridor connecting two contrasting urban areas. In the north sits the large hospital, an urban hotspot along a busy street. South of the site lies a large park that will gradually transform into a healthcare campus over the coming years.

The building is long and narrow, stretching out to both ends of the site, signifying the new connection. Publicly accessible healthcare-related functions such as a pharmacy, a physiotherapist etc. make up the ground level of the building. The research facility, together with office space and dormitories for the staff, occupy the top floors.

The outdoor area is designed as a continuation of the two contrasting urban conditions.

Location: Aalst, Belgium
Type: Medical Research Facility
Year: 2012
Status: concept design
Client: Cardiovasculair Onderzoek Aalst Cvba
Collaboration: with Sophie Van Noten